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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Potty Training Continued...

My son sat on the toilet today! He did not even scream, cry, or curse at me. He seemed to even enjoy the experience. I ask him regularly if he wants to try it, and he usually firmly but politely lets me know that will not be happening, after which I let it drop. Forcing the issue has only caused more of a delay. Yesterday he gave me a couple of unenthusiastic okays. He sat down on two occasions and even accomplished something during one session. Stinky Dog came along for the ride and gave him encouragement in his deep voice. It looks like I will eventually need to schedule regular visits to the bathroom, as he does not give me clear signs (until it's too late) indicating he needs to go and doesn't seem to give a hoot if he is sitting in his own filth or not. He does enjoy fruit snacks, however, and is pleased when he is presented with those, so that gives him some incentive.

Last summer I discovered Erik's diaper was overflowing at Los Angeles International Airport five minutes before our plane boarded. I had absolutely no place to change my long-limbed boy. Changing tables are no longer structurally sound for Erik, as he would likely snap them right off the wall. I ended up finding a counter in a janitor's area inside the ladies' room and I did it there. It was a complete nightmare, after which I wanted to bathe in gallons of hand sanitizer, but I shudder to think what would have happened if we had boarded the small plane with a loaded diaper. There wasn't enough room to stash a larger carry on bag, let alone scoop poop from my child's pants without putting my elbow in a fellow passenger's eye.

We watched Potty Power again yesterday. In this DVD, the narrator, named Jessica, and her friend, "TP" (a talking roll of toilet paper that is noticeably suddenly absent during the segment on wiping bottoms), tell the story of Princess Jill, a seemingly chronically constipated little girl who refuses to use the powder room. The court jester, a disturbingly pervy little creature who sings and tells really horrible jokes that make me laugh every time, decides that the princess is displeased with the color of her potty, which looks as if someone got a hold of it with a BeDazzler, and paints it green. The king and queen then replace the princess's diaper with "royal underwear," a term which now makes Erik giggle, and her potty dilemma magically resolves.

Erik absolutely adores this video. It is disturbing, and I find myself singing songs like "Wipe Your Bottom" and "Sittin' On the Potty" in the car, but it has sparked Erik's interest in using the bathroom.

Unfortunately, his potty problems run much deeper than a fresh layer of kelly-green paint. He seems to find the setup on the adult commode uncomfortable and awkward, but he is far too big for the potty chair I purchased with the intention of having completely trained him two years ago. However, he does understand the toilet and its accessories and is slightly interested -- but not quite enough yet to make it a habit. He is making some progress, and after talking to his teachers, we have decided not to force the issue.

There are signs of progress now in terms of general development as well. He is beginning to enjoy slipping our shoes and clothing on. He very confidently clomps around in our sneakers and boots and finds this greatly amusing. I figure this is a step in the right direction. In fact, today he put on his father's hat, looked at me, and said, "Hi, Booga," which is something Brian always says to him when he comes through the door after work. He is thinking about being like us now, and that is wonderful...and even a little flattering.

Hopefully, that will carry over into the lavatory!

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Blogger Kerry said...

Wow, your little boy is growing up! :) sniff sniff

You defintely have to bring him to the bathroom on a regular time basis, whether it's 9 am, 11 am, 1pm.. etc. Find our when they do it at school and adjust your time to theirs.

You definitely have to be careful when singing inappropriate songs. I used to frequent a piano bar and this Doogie Howser-looking piano player played raunchy stuff and even to this day, 12 years later, I sometimes get stuck in my head a song about the girl "who use to gangbang all the time".

7:40 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I am in the pot with ya! lol. Last week Avery used to potty for the first time, not since, but I intend on being a little more scheduled with it over the holidays. Some advice I got from therapists was to have Avery sit on the potty for 3 seconds (while you count together) and change the diaper standing up in the bathroom. Avery is not bugged by a soiled diaper either. What up with that?! Speaking of potty, last night I taught Avery a new word, she enthusiastically said "GINA!" can you guess what it is? lol.

7:32 AM  

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