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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slippery When Turn Left

I suppose I should watch what I wish for. In my last post, I was feeling disconnected from our therapists and physicians. Since I wrote that, I was informed that Erik's group sessions start up again on Tuesday mornings, he has a home therapy visit scheduled Thursday, and his IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan), which will be accomplished every six months, takes place next Tuesday. The IFSP basically entails a panel of people evaluating Erik and his needs/goals. I have never felt good about panels of people. They remind me of flute recitals and job interviews. I probably sound like I'm whining, but it is really hard to see my sweet boy evaluated so clinically and objectively. I am still getting past feeling defensive and overly protective as a parent in this setting as they ask me questions about how I play with and interact with Erik. We have only done this once thus far, so I am still adjusting to the concept. It is a very odd feeling, as I never expected my parenting to be analyzed in any setting! I am very thankful we live in a smaller town and the facility is small and fairly friendly.

Friday I couldn't get away for lunch but opted instead to end a little earlier so my neighbor could swing by and pick me up for dinner and drinks. We drove downtown and checked out a very expensive art gallery before making ourselves comfortable in a dark, retro/trendy bar to chat. I have had it up to my eyeballs with trendy, growing up in a tourist town, but I did enjoy the retro feel of the place with its burlesque-flavored paintings and leopard-print chairs. They featured a menu of foo-foo specialty martinis, the thought of which made my stomach turn. I opted for a small whiskey on the rocks. After that, we walked to a more familiar, relaxed joint to play some video poker/slots (I lost $2) and then to check out a new dance/live poker club that opened recently. We got a table with a nice view of the river and great people watching inside, but it took so long for our drinks to arrive, we left and headed to a nice, quiet Italian restaurant for a long, leisurely dinner. I absolutely love ravioli, and we shared a plate of mussel-stuffed mushrooms that were to die for. The evening ended fairly early just as the beautiful people were coming out in their club-hopping finery. On the way home in Lisa's brand new SUV, she had the new-fangled navigation system AND her favorite Bon Jovi CD blasting simultaneously, which I found more than amusing. It went something like this:

STEREO SYSTEM: Tommy got his six string in hock -- Now he's holding in what he used to make it talk - So tough, it's tough. Gina dreams of running away - When she cries in the night, Tommy whispers: Baby, it's okayyyyyy...



STEREO SYSTEM: OHHHH OHHHH! We're half way there - Livin' on a prayer! WE'RE HALF WAY THERRRRRRE!



I almost wet myself, and because Lisa didn't seem to notice my reaction and kept screaming at the obnoxiously flashing, ridiculously feature-laden console, I laughed even harder. Overall, it was a relaxing evening, and I always enjoy Lisa's company. We live next door to each other but don't see each other very much. We watch each other's activities and call if we are feeling especially nosy about what is going on at the opposite house or want to speculate about the goings on at the houses around us. They have a sputtering golf cart in various states of disrepair they ride down sometimes, shuttle me back home from a visit to their house, or intercept me to give me a free ride to the mailbox, even though it is a 3-minute walk. Max, their little wiener dog, usually sits on my lap with his long ears flying behind him, calm as can be. I'm sure if you looked close enough at the upholstery, you would see my fingernail marks from where I last held on for dear life. Personally, I find the golf cart ride a bit terrifying. Who knew they could go that fast over rocky terrain? They never go that speed on the golf courses around here. Since the developers are progressively building up around us, we probably won't be here much longer, our houses will probably be demolished, and I will really miss this country life and the adventures of my wonderfully quirky neighbor.

In summary, I am happy I had a fabulous time last night and have a long weekend ahead of me to prepare for next week. I'm sure Erik will keep me smiling. Today he crawled up onto my lap, got right in my face, laughed, and said, "HI!" Life sure isn't easy, but nothing good ever is. I'm still feeling like a lucky girl.


Blogger Kerry said...

I have to comment on the picture - love it -love it- love it! He is so adorable, can he love his wheels any more?? :)

8:44 PM  
Blogger Lisa R said...

Those nav systems crack me up...I sorta want one though:) Wiskey and Bon Jovi EH, you can't go wrong. HAHA

7:37 AM  

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