Erik Quinn: The Heart of a Family: Play Date

Friday, June 30, 2006

Play Date

I am lounging this morning in my bathrobe. Fridays feel like days off to me because Brian picks up Erik at the end of the day, and things aren't so structured or rushed. Usually I have to get things done before 5 o'clock. Many times I find myself with a cocktail in my hand at the neighbors late Friday afternoon, and I finish work up Saturday morning in my PJs while the boys sleep. I decided not to get on the treadmill today, either. Erik will probably sleep in this morning, as he had a rough time going down last night. Yesterday Kathy brought Dominick over to visit. We sat on the floor of Erik's room and watched the boys play. Erik tentatively reached out just to touch Dominick a couple times. It was so sweet that it made my teeth hurt. They are slowly transitioning from parallel play into playing with each other, and it is amazing to watch them change. Dominick graciously shared toys with Erik (Kathy and I probably say, "Awwww, that's nice" in our sleep now), and he was sad when he had to go home. We girls discussed crucial world issues like the recent Britney Spears interview (insert sound of train wreck here) and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. The big news, of course, is that Dominick will be an older brother by the beginning of next year. I am excited about having another friend for Erik to love. I enjoyed having them over, and it made a gloomy, rainy day much brighter. In other news, last night Brian and I decided Erik is going to need a "big boy" bed soon. Sometimes it sounds like Erik is using power tools in his room because he is kicking his crib so hard and makes it creak and groan. He is one small step away from launching himself out of it and landing on his head like he is in a baby mosh pit. I went on line last night and purchased some bedding at Target with little trucks all over it. I love the soft green color (kiwi smoothie) we painted Erik's room, but I had to incorporate that color in with something manly now that he is getting older. That was not easy. I was thinking we were either going to have to move or paint (I voted for moving). My little brother's old twin bed will eventually make its way over here for Erik to use and free up space for my folks at their house. There is a trundle bed that goes with it in the valley at my grandmother's that we will eventually take home for Erik's cousins or friends to use. I also bought a rail to put along the bed to help make this transition easier and safer. I am already having some anxiety about all of this. I am gently but firmly pushing Erik toward the goals we have set for him through early intervention, yet I miss having my tiny, fragile baby already as he gets stronger and succeeds in meeting his milestones. It makes my heart ache, and yet I couldn't be happier he is growing, healthy, and very happy. It seems that once he decides to do something new, he does it with gusto, and there is no turning back. It is all going so fast now!


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TO CUTE!!! Did you love the mascara clump on her eye, the gum smacking or the out of Control clevage. I am kinda torn ;) Worst of all I watched the entire interview.... UGGG

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