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Monday, August 18, 2008

Morning Rambling

I turned on the news last week as I fixed breakfast and heard that a man on a bicycle had collided with an SUV making a turn not far from here. He died at the scene from massive head injuries. When they announced his identity, I gasped. He was a member of our church congregation whom I see regularly. What was worse, however, was that he was the son of my author-friend who has been so kind to me and Erik. You might recall that she is also the mother of a woman with severe developmental disabilties that resulted from a bout of childhood meningitis. She wrote a book about her family, and that's how I came to reach out to her and ended up sitting in her home eating freshly-baked scones last winter. You would think there would be a limit to the amount of pain one could experience, but apparently there is not. I can't help but feel frightened by this.

I have a head cold in the heat of summer. Actually, all three of us are sick with it. It was over 100 degrees yesterday, and I stayed on the couch watching Food Network challenges. There was a dry, windy storm of some sort in the middle of the night, and the gusts whipping through our bedroom windows and doors were almost deafening at one point, making it sound as if we were riding on a stagecoach in the dead of winter. I opened things up even more, and the whistling at least ceased. The air smells like a campfire, so I assume something nearby is engulfed in flames. This does not result in high-quality sleep. I'm sitting in my office now, and rumbling thunder and sheets of lightning are beginning over the desert. It certainly doesn't feel like five in the morning.

Erik's bowel has been malfunctioning lately. One of the wonderful symptoms WS often manifests in children is constipation so severe that it can result in prolapse of the rectum. Erik briefly had constipation as a infant when his calcium levels were probably sky high and we were completely unaware of his syndrome. I remember seeing blood once when a nurse took his temperature. Since then, however, things seem to pass right through him, sometimes undigested. I have to change his bedclothes almost daily, as the amount of what comes from him easily maxes out and overflows his fluffy little diapers. I change him often. What comes from him has little to no at least normal odor and looks, to say the least, alarming. There is a lot of mucus. I will call the doctor today. Three things that come to mind are (1) food allergy, (2) Crohn's disease, and (3) thyroid problems, although it could be anything, I suppose. This has gone on for months to some degree but only seems to be worsening in intensity and might make school more than a little dificult at this point. I'm terrified he has a food allergy. The last thing we need is to be subtracting things from the relatively short list of items he eats.

Erik has discovered the joy of attending barbecues. He loves everything about them and says "barbecue" in his usual Cajun accent. I can just visualize his cute little face on a bottle of BBQ sauce on a supermarket shelf someday. Hey, it could happen.

And now, as promised, CHIA: DAY ONE.

1) Submerge small terra cotta cat in bucket of water. Leave overnight, ensuring kitten is good and dead.

2) Mix a portion of the seeds from provided packet with one-quarter cup water. Let sit overnight until the mixture thickens into a gel reminiscent of the opening scenes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Tell family what is sitting on windowsill so dark muck does not get spread on toast or dumped down garbage disposal.

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Blogger Heather said...

so sorry about your friends son. That is horrible.
I hope you get some answers for Erik and that it is an easy fix. People used to tell me that caleb was probably hyper because of his diet. I couldn't see taking any food away either. He barely ate anything back then.
Good luck with your chia kitty.
take care, and feel better

5:45 AM  
Blogger Ava Jewel Leilani said...

I missed you as well. I can't begin to even understand why things happen to some people the way they do, I truly am sorry that your friend has had to indure so much in one life, I will keep her in my prayers that her heart will heal and stay strong. I am sorry that on top of all you have in your life that someone you know has passed. I will all so say a prayer that you all are feeling better and that Erik's stools will be normal, regular with out having to make any changes in diet, medications, etc. As always I love your post, I could hear the wind blowing as I was reading!
Hugs Nancy!

8:04 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

I am so sorry about your friends son. A woman I was friends with at my previous job lost 2 sons within a year of each other. One in a motorcycle accident and one by overdose. I felt the same way for her at the time. How much could she truly take. I hope you get Erik's BM issue straightened out. Just something to think about but I read somewhere that WS kids are at high risk for gluten allergy. I know what you mean about there limited diet. Noah will try anything but texture is a HUGE issue. Good luck.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend's son, what a horrible thing to have to endure. It's hearing about things like that that make me truly appreciate those I have around me and not take them for granted.

I hope you, Eric and Bryan are all feeling better soon!

3:02 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

I hate hearing the news of your friend's son. I just cannot imagine the pain that woman is feeling.
I hope you get some answers for Erik. Payton had a prolapsed rectum. That was really a scary/weird thing to see. (actually it freaked me out). I'll be checking back to see what you find out. I hope the doctor listens.

8:31 PM  

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