Erik Quinn: The Heart of a Family: Weekend Update

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weekend Update

Random Thought of the Day: What's up with bubblegum-flavored infant/toddler toothpaste?

I don't remember the last part of the week. It's seriously a blur. I'm battling headaches now in the form of spiking pain through my left eye that doesn't respond to anything I do or take. It lasts for days at a time. I am now recovering from one that lasted three days. I visited the doctor about this before and underwent an MRI that showed no pulsating brain tumor, alien pupa, or my own unborn twin trapped in my skull. I suppose that's good news. I had even more horrible headaches as a child, but these are much different. I'm thinking these are hormonal, as I began having these with each of my pregnancies and have had them since. I'm pretty jacked up in the hormone department these days. As I get older, it only gets worse.

In other news, my business partner and her husband have been going through the adoption process for months now. They are in their 40s and never had children but feel they are in a good place in life to take care of older children who may have some emotional/physical problems. She called me yesterday to tell me that they are finally parents to children they have yet to meet. They will be providing a safe, loving home to an 11-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl who sound wonderful. This friend of mine and her husband also run a Boer (goat) business here in town. On top of everything, they became parents to five new goats in two days. These are their first since they started their business. Needless to say, she is a bit overwhelmed. There is a baby goat in a plastic tote in their living room who needs a bottle every two hours. I agreed to help her as much as possible with our work load as they care for goat kids and begin traveling over the mountain to get to know the children and transition into family life. We provide transcription services for about six providers in three different offices, and we keep very busy. We service one office almost purely electronically but still need to drive out to the ophthalmologists and the retinal specialist to pick up tapes on a daily basis, print out what we have done at home, and deliver it the next day. I am so happy for her, and I'm gearing up to help her out in any way I can. We have known each other for years now, and although we giggle now and then, we rarely do anything as friends and are busy on a professional level. Yesterday I stopped to tell her I loved her and was proud of her. It felt extremely weird, but I most definitely meant every dang word. She told me the feeling was mutual. We let moments like those pass us by sometimes because we don't want to risk being vulnerable and later may regret the opportunity passed us by. Life is too short. Oh, Erik, you have helped me become so brave!

Erik, of course, is doing well. We had a successful hippotherapy session yesterday. While he went into the therapy room after riding his horse, Foxy, I reclined the seat in the Jeep and baked in the sun while I listened to my iPod. We are very excited about participating in Sophie's Run in a couple of weeks, and there will be a woman with WS in her 40s participating with us. I am nervous about this but know that meeting this woman will likely be a positive experience. I have seen older people with WS on video but was never brave enough to meet one. Like I said before, the reason I am afraid is because it's a little like looking into the future. I think I'm ready at this point, and what better place to do it--surrounded by people I love.


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