Erik Quinn: The Heart of a Family: Superbowl Sunday XLI

Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Sunday XLI

We had a fabulous time Sunday at my friend Nadine's Superbowl party. Years ago, Nadine had the honor of sitting next to me at our old job at the clinic. Although we didn't work together terribly long, we have been friends for years now and have created some hilarious memories that will never fade. I have never been one to believe in silly things like auras around people, but when Nadine walked into a restarant to meet me once, I saw she had a full-body halo, plain as day. The girl simply glows, and she is a sure-fire cure for any blues I may have. She also puts on quite the party with enough food to feed an army and plenty to wet one's whistle. I brought my new margarita maker for this occasion, and Nadine and I sat out in the gorgeous sunshine watching it grind out our drinks. I missed much of the first half of the game just because it was too gorgeous to sit inside.

Erik is quite comfortable in Nadine's home, as she doesn't live far and we have gone there since he was small. I packed a few toys for him, but he seemed most fascinated with the people attending the party. The only thing he didn't enjoy was the rowdy yelling that began when the game began to wrap up. He promptly brust into tears where he was playing on the kitchen floor. Roy, Nadine's husband, built a wonderful, hot fire in the little Mexican fireplace on the back porch, and Brian took Erik outside to sit by it when the crowd was too loud. By this time, I stripped off Erik's braces, shoes, and socks, but his feet stayed toasty while they sat under the stars.

I fell victim to peer pressure and rooted for the Colts (I have a bit of a crush on the Manning boys, anyway, and was happy to see Peyton win his shiny, red Cadillac for being MVP). I especially enjoyed the halftime show featuring Prince in his embroidered powder blue bell bottoms and platform heels in the pouring rain. What a triumph! When I asked another girl attending the party if she liked Prince, she said, "My mom sure loves him!" Oh gee. Am I old or what?


Blogger Aspen said...

I have a major crush on those boys too! They are just good guys, and somehow that in turn causes a girl to crumble. HA!

I loved all the great pictures! You are so beautiful. Muah!

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