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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trip and Fall

Monday is in the history books. Now for Tuesday. My parents are gone on another bicycle trip, and that means Erik and I are left to fend for ourselves all week. I took him to the medical center to pick up work yesterday, and I was shocked by how much his walking seems to have deteriorated in just one week. I couldn't help but think that it appeared very obvious something was wrong with him, which is unusual. He was dragging his feet, walking on his toes, and tripping every few steps, sometimes falling to the ground. He was very distracted by the vehicles in the parking lot, so I am hoping that was the cause of this setback. He did better inside and, thankfully, was not interested in the waiting patients this time, as one of them was wearing a creamsicle-orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, flanked by a pair of bored-looking uniformed policemen (even prisoners need to see the doctor). There were a couple ladies sitting in front of the dialysis center whom we saw daily two weeks ago, and I heard one of them say, "Did you see the baby?!" We feel like friends now, and I waved at them while Erik smiled his own greeting. Inside the office, one girl had not yet met Erik and was anxious to see him. I held him up to the counter, and all of the ladies made a big fuss over him. In fact, the girl who wanted to meet him, who has a 2-1/2-year-old son of her own, said, "Oh, he's a big boy!" WHAT?! Really? Erik has grown a couple inches in four months and seems to be eating more than ever, and this made me very happy. The average height for a male with WS is 5'6", but I am wondering if he will blow the curve and get as tall as Brian and I are (5'9.5"). He is at the 50th percentile for normal height, although he is still around the 5th for weight. A mom can dream, anyway. The girls gave Erik a couple stickers, and we went on our way.

The smoke from a new fire snuck in yesterday afternoon and made my eyes water. The smog and cooler air in the morning make things feel very fall-like. On top of everything, there are now NFL preseason games on television. I am excited to see football start up again. One of my favorite things is the sound of a football game on TV. It reminds me of my grandparents' house. Years ago, I used to walk or jog my neighborhood for exercise when I lived alone. I was in a very football-crazy university town and would peek in windows I passed by (one of my very bad habits I can't seem to break). I could see the greenish glow of football games playing in living rooms with parties of chatting, snacking people in front of them. It made me ache for a spot on the couch with them in their warm homes and wish I wasn't so lonely. Now that I am married to a die hard football fan, I remember that feeling well and truly enjoy having people over to watch the games with us. It is also a good excuse to tailgate with Brian and his coworkers and cook an alarming amount of food. On the flip side, the autumn chill in the air always makes my stomach lurch the first few times I feel it because it reminds me of the nauseating anxiety I used to feel when the school year began each year, all the way into college. I have an overwhelming urge to buy pencil pouches and Trapper Keepers. I have to remind myself that I don't have to go back to school or get on the stinky old bus anymore, and that sickening feeling goes away. Being an adult has its perks! Did I hate school that much? I am looking forward to my favorite month -- October. I love my family's birthdays and Halloween. I'd better start dreaming up a new costume for Erik!


Blogger Lisa R said...

Oh I too love Halloween. I have Tatum's all ready LOL what a geek!!! I think Emma is going to want to pick her own this year but I would imagine like every other yr she'll be a princess.

When we went to our initial Genetic visit they mentioned to us that WS kids are shorter then average but alot of that also has to do with the parents. She told us that Tatum would most likely be around 5'4 or so. That is not so short but it is because we are both on the taller side...I guess I am 5'6ish and Chris is 6'. This last visit she made it on the "normal " Children growth in height. Anyway I'll be hoping with ya.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Aspen said...

You kill me Nancy. I literally was about to type almost an exact replica of this post, reminiscing about the first day of school and fall. The smell of wooden pencils and scotch tape. Ah, welcome fall! And yes, Logan and I watched the football game last night. I too am a die hard football fan! Growing up with older brothers, I think it is just ingrained in your mind from a very young age "you will love football." HA, guess it worked.

LOVE the post. I will be adding one very similar in the near future!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Kerry said...

Do they still sell Trapper Keepers???

I love the sound of football playing too... when I lived alone I used to put it on Sunday afternoons because it teminded me of home. :) Now my husband and 8-year old are in front of the set!

4:00 PM  
Blogger Kati said...

Have a nice and troble free week without your parents!
You wrote very much in the last week, I am so excited to read them trough, but now I had only time to read the last one... soon I read the others, too :))))))))
I love your Halloween, here In Hungary we don't celebrate it, we only go to the cementaries and take flowers to the graves.... what a fun you have!!!

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Steve J said...

Great post! I too am yearning for football. I like NFL, but I love college (Go Ducks!). Unfortunately, college FB is not very big in the Northeast. Not like in the South, anyway--down there it's a religion.

7:36 AM  

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