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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Good Life

Erik and I had a full day yesterday. Brian went to work, and we headed out for some early shopping before it got too hot or close to nap time. I was determined to find some wooden puzzles for Erik. He seemed to really enjoy the ones that Bev brought over for his therapy session. Since Target didn't have them, we ended up going to Barnes and Noble and then to Wild Oats, where I finally found ones featuring farm animals and vehicles. At the bookstore, I ran into a nurse I used to work with at the clinic. For some reason, I automatically gave her a giant hug, even though I was never close friends with her. She asked me if my life was good, and I told her that it was. With all that is going on right now, it felt good to answer such a refreshingly simple question and feel good about it. I do have a wonderful life. I am so very grateful for it, although it is proving to be a much more difficult one than I ever imagined it would be. It was also really nice seeing a little piece of my old world, which I really miss sometimes. Erik was his usual, charming self. Before we went our separate ways, this girl put her arm around me and said it was good to see me. I wonder sometimes if Erik's presence in my life is already dissolving my shyness and opening me up to other people. I am so brave out in the world when Erik is with me. Saturday in the grocery store I approached a girl from my high school I didn't know very well and introduced myself! This is usually completely out of my comfort zone. I had seen an article in the paper about her working with special needs kids at her church and decided I wanted to talk to her. She even asked me to lunch! In any event, yesterday Erik and I shopped for close to two hours, and he didn't issue a single complaint the entire duration of our trip, despite the intensifying heat. I offered him some string cheese while we drove around, and he gave me such a pleasant smile that I couldn't help but giggle. He couldn't have looked more content. Later on in the day after a good nap, Brian met us at Dominick's house to barbecue. Dominick, Brandon, and Erik all played together in the back yard, and we had a wonderful dinner of hamburgers and fresh garden salad together. I had the opportunity to read books to all three boys. Erik didn't shed one tear during our visit. I believe this is due to a combination of the kids maturing and becoming a little more quiet and Erik desensitizing to normal noises. It is nice not having to comfort a shaking, upset little boy in the midst of kids having a good time without him. Did I get a good photo of the three of them together? Heck, no. It was kind of like trying to get a photo of Superman and Clark Kent at the same time.


Blogger Amy K said...

Feeling good is like an elixer, you wish you could bottle it up and share it with the world. I luv ya!

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