Erik Quinn: The Heart of a Family: Vital Stats

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Vital Stats

Personality/Vital Stat Profile

Name: Erik Quinn (a.k.a. "Skooby" or "Booga-Booga")

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue (with gorgeous WS starbursts)

Sign: Libra

Age: 20 months

Weight: 23 lbs and change (more ice cream, please)

Height: Unknown but at 50th percentile and gaining

Likes: Anything with wheels, ceiling fans, mom with hot rollers in her hair, ice cream of any sort, Grandma and Grandpa, bedtime binkies, round rocks, rubber ducky, going to Dominick's house to play with trucks, and books about things with wheels.

Dislikes: Gerber broccoli & chicken (hurl), doctors' offices, needles, loud people, taking medicine, going inside after playing outside, noisy household appliances, things with wheels that do not turn, watching Grandma and Grandpa leave in their green car, and any foods with even subtle chunks of anything (unless they are in ice cream).

Recommended Reading: Trucks by Betsy Imershein

Favorite Music: Toddler Tunes CD from church and Sesame Street Platinum (mom's favorite)

Favorite Toys: Trucks, Fisher-Price gumball machine with Roll-a-Round balls, and Cookie Monster.

Least Favorite Toys: Dump truck with 5-million decibel beeps/engine sounds that jerks to a start without warning like "Chucky" from the movie Child's Play, horribly loud barnyard animal sound wheel, and most things without wheels.

Can: Open cabinets and drawers, use a spoon (with help), bring a book when asked, drink from a cup, run and walk on uneven terrain and hills, play the piano (Jerry Lee Lewis-style), throw a ball overhand, take all toilet paper off a roll, turn pages in book when asked, hug people and stuffed animals, say the word "up" without prompting, and much more.

Working On: Using more words spontaneously, pushing buttons with more force (too gentle), bending knees when reaching for something on the ground, drinking from a straw (sippy cup never mastered), gaining weight, and playing with things that do not have wheels or cannot be flipped over and rolled.


Anonymous Susan said...

Hi there!
This is Susan, mom of Jaxson (WS almost 3 on 6-18-03)...anyways...I thought that was such a cute post that I had to comment. Boy is Erik doing wonderful and trust me it only gets better and better. As far as the weight thing goes don't worry about it...Jaxson is only 18 pounds but he is healthy and strong. I always get a kick out of it when my oldest son (4 years old and a GIANT like mom) goes "MOM...Jaxson hit me"...I'm like "he is half your size and weight so come on"...but it is funny regardless! You just wait, Erik is going to EXPLODE as far as vocabulary goes and start talking in sentences. Jaxson is a really good talker now and I laugh when he repeats something that was said earlier verbatim like he made it up! Keep up your wonderful blog...I am an avid reader and please feel free to email me personally if you have any questions...we have more than likely already been there and done that!

2:25 PM  

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